Rose is a filmmaker, printmaker, farmer, and critical thinker from Oregon and Minnesota. Currently Rose manages the Media Institute for Social Change,  sells organic produce for Denison Farms, helps run film screenings at Northwest Film Center, and is this fall's Folk Skills Intern At Wildcraft Studio School. Her career objective is to empower people by cultivating social, environmental, and educational justice in our community.

Rose received her B. A. from Macalester College in 2011. She majored in Humanities and Media and Cultural Studies with focuses on Film and Printmaking and minored in Environmental Studies.

Please ask Rose for more details on her professional and creative experiences.

“People can have many complaints about the social world and know that it generates significant harms to themselves and to others, and yet still believe that such harms are inevitable, that there are no other real possibilities that would make things significantly better, and thus there is little point in struggling to change things.” -Erik Olin Wright.

The point in struggling to change things is to extend our limits–what is possible–even if the way the world is going seems inevitable. Dreaming, believing, and acting on our visions for improving our environment, our communities, and ourselves can suppress the very harm that brings us down. Making transformative change in the world comes from movements of every caliber, and the best I can hope for is to operate within my community as does a gear on my bicycle.